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About our region

Stuttgart - home to premium car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, headquarters of Robert Bosch GmbH, capital of one of the most beautiful states in Germany. A city, rich in culture and tradition, center of technological innovation, picturesque and nestled amidst green hills, lush forests and romantic vineyards.

Baden-Württemberg - the third largest state in Germany, is the home of Steiff teddy bears, WMF cutlery and tableware, the oldest university in Germany and - when it comes to economy and technological innovations - one of the most powerful regions in Europe, has countless thrilling tourist destinations to offer! Cities like Heidelberg, Freiburg and Baden-Baden, the Black Forest and the area of and around the Lake of Constance are famous all over the world. But there are countless other beautiful places which have yet to be discovered by international visitors.

Come join us on tours to the special spots in and around Stuttgart and our state! Browse through our site, discover what's available to enjoy and contact us. We'd be delighted to show you the hidden treasures of our region and the hospitality of its people!

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